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Managed Services

The CB Technology Group LLC is proud to offer a full menu of Managed Services from our Network Operation Center (NOC). Our NOC utilizes the industry’s best practice standards in design and function. It is fully redundant as it is maintained in a mirrored arrangement, spanning two physical locations on separate service provider grids. We use virtualized server clusters, advanced security appliances and protocols, converged data and voice networks, and continuous maintenance procedures to deliver 24/7 support options.

servicesOur success as a Managed Service Provider relies on our ability to provide valuable, cost-effective solutions to our customers. It is our business practice to invest heavily and early in each of our customer relationships. We spend the time necessary to discover which of our services will show a positive return on investment for you, and then work to bundle these services into a custom package that fits your budget. Our support can be offered as monthly, quarterly, annual, or one-time investments.
servicesNOC services are a sensible solution to many network and technology ongoing responsibilities. These contracts ensure that best practice tasks are done properly and on schedule through both automation and our NOC Engineering Team. This pro-active approach drastically reduces network downtime by continually monitoring and maintaining your devices and applications, providing complete business continuity and availability, while allowing your staff to focus on business growth and development rather than day-to-day maintenance.