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The CB Technology Group LLC is an Information & Technology firm that provides high level services and support to our customers. We are an engineer-owned and operated company that specializes in all demographics of the corporate sector.

CBTG is a Value-Added Reseller and expert integrator of today’s primary technologies. We complement our knowledge of industry best practices with a comprehensive, 7-Layer approach to provide the most current, custom, and cost-effective solutions available in this ever-changing market.

about CBTG
CBTG prides itself first for employing a core team of talented and experienced Senior Network Professionals, but also on our focus and commitment to continuing their education, skills and certifications in the most modern products, trends and services.


about CBTGWhether engaged as network service providers, technology consultants, IT supplemental team, hardware vendor, or project implementation partners, CBTG will deliver value, leadership and loyalty to its customers by offering industry expertise and superior service in every endeavor.

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